MTB shoes Leatt DBX 2.0 Flat black

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MTB shoes Leatt DBX 2.0 Flat black


MTB Leatt DBX 2.0 Flat shoes ideal for Trail Riding


Mountain bike shoes with ultra soft shank for maximum pedaling comfort

Leatt is proud to present the brand new line of MTB shoes, developed and tested for a long time on all possible surfaces. The new Leatt MTB shoes are comfortable, ultra-resistant, guarantee optimal grip and offer a trendy design with essential details for all fans of the Enduro, Downhill and Free Riding disciplines. 2.0 Flat shoes are designed with a special RideGrip rubber compound that makes them absolutely resistant to abrasions and lacerations. The 2.0 Flat are designed to be used with Flat pedals and feature WaffleGrip, a pattern specifically designed to give maximum stability and grip. Designed to not compromise on style and driving comfort, the new Leatt shoes are equipped with an ultra soft shank reinforcement integrated into the sole, ideal for absorbing impacts, optimizing the efficiency of the load on the pedal and ensuring flexibility or torsion control. The MTB 2.0 Flat shoes have also been designed to withstand in any climatic condition thanks to the drainage channels for the mud that allow maximum adherence between the shoe and the pedal and to the internal ventilated membrane able to always keep the foot dry and ventilated. For maximum comfort and safety, Leatt 2.0 Flat shoes have an internal anti-bacterial, anti-odor and quick-drying coating, which guarantees constant freshness, as well as particularly reinforced strategic areas and laces for an impeccable fit. The 2.0 are in synthetic suede and have a casual design capable of offering all the advantages of a high-performance bike shoe.

Main features of MTB shoes:

RideGrip compound ultra resistant to abrasions or lacerations

Ultra soft shank insert

Casual design

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