Motocross Knee Braces Alpinestars SX-1 Youth

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Motocross Knee Braces Alpinestars SX-1 Youth


Motocross Knee Braces Alpinestars SX-1 Youth

Developed specifically for younger or smaller framed riders, the extremely lightweight SX-1 Youth Knee Protector incorporates CE certified Level 1 protection. With advanced polymer hard shells backed with thermoformed foam and a dual pivot system which follows the natural movement of the knee, the SX-1 Youth is perforated for optimized levels of breathability and airflow.


• Extremely lightweight knee protection with large protective area for riders looking for most breathable and lightweight solutions on all riding styles.

• Upper and lower frames are constructed from a high performance polymeric material blend for optimized levels of flexibility and strength as well as excellent weight saving properties.

• Polymer protector plates are strategically perforated for maximum breathability and air ventilation.

• The shell integrated dual pivot hinge gear system follows the natural movement of the knee and keeps the protector well positioned in all riding positions.


• Upper extended frame for increased thigh protection without compromising mobility.

• Patella cup constructed from energy absorbing viscoelastic PU foam knee cup that is CE certified to Type A.

• Patella cup is backed by soft padding for adaptive fit and breathable air mesh for ventilation and comfort.

• High Abrasion resistant fabric on the outer central knee- cup area reduces the possibility of scratching.


• Thermoformed foam backing for excellent comfort against the skin.

• Frames are asymmetrical and feature a slim, ergonomic design for comfort and performance fit.

• Hook and loop / TPR dual strap closure systems for easy in and out and a personalized, safe fit.

• Sold as a Left/Right pair.


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