Motocross helmet Leatt Gpx 4.5 red

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Motocross Helmet Leatt Gpx 4.5 red


Motocross helmet Leatt GPX 4.5 highly protective red

Cross ventilated helmet, with 360 ° Turbine protective technology and internal EPS coating

The solution that minimizes the risk of head injuries and brain damage for young riders. The best motocross helmet for children / teenagers available, able to reduce the energy of rotation and impact towards the head and brain! The GPX 4.5 composite cross helmet with injection polymers offers the best protection in the world with 360 ° Turbine Technology. The Leatt helmet contains turbines made of Armourgel®, a 3D modeled material that absorbs energy. This technology offers two main advantages: it reduces rotational acceleration towards the head and brain and absorbs energy in the event of an impact. In addition, the reduced volume of the external structure helps to reduce the rotational acceleration of the head and brain, demonstrating that the smallest helmets are the best. The V-impact and multi-density foam is molded directly into the external structure, allowing us to reduce its size, while maintaining the highest possible level of impact protection.

This unrivaled combination offers maximum benefit to those who choose Leatt. In addition, the helmet offers ample ventilation, one of the most requested features. Most importantly, the vents are effective even at very low speeds.

This is why it is essential to protect young people from accidents in the best way.

Main features

  • 360 ° Turbine Technology
  • Small outer shell volume
  • The EPS inside the shell has a particular V-structure which allows to further reduce the rotational forces

24 months warranty

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