Leatt 5.5 armored jacket white
Leatt 5.5 armored jacket white
Leatt 5.5 armored jacket white
Leatt 5.5 armored jacket white

Leatt 5.5 armored jacket white


Leatt 5.5 armored jacket white

Long-sleeved jersey with rigid protections in 3DF AirFit anti-impact foam for torso and chest and breathable fabric ideal for enduro and motocross





Leatt 5.5 motocross armored jacket white

The Leatt 5.5 armored jacket motocross offers chest, back, elbow, shoulder and hip protection. CE tested and certified, it achieved a total of 25 points on the Leatt protection rating system. This is the highest level of body protection available today: the 5.5 model is an essential component of any enthusiast's safety equipment. The multi-layer and plate 3D articulated design is comfortable and ventilated, with 53 ventilation slots. The protection of the quality hard lining integrates with the soft 3D AirFit anti-impact foam, the bodice adapts to the shape of the body, while the foam hardens immediately on impact, for maximum protection in the event of a crash. Hard-coated areas are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for added protection from impact or debris. New features include a knitted base layer and new moisture-resistant MoistureCool and AirMesh anti-odor fabrics. Furthermore, it is compatible with Leatt neck braces.

Main features

Total Leatt score of 25 points

Soft and ventilated 3DF AirFit anti-impact foam

CE tested and certified for impact protection

Chest/Roost Protections

Leatt Motocross Clothing and MTB

Leatt | Motocross neck brace, motocross knee pads 

Leatt develops high-performance products for extreme sports athletes who always live to the limit. Motocross protectors are designed by biomedical doctors and engineers and offer safety and comfort at the highest levels. The Leatt brand is very renowned and award-winning among the best in the industry. Leatt motocross neck brace are at the top of sales for reliability.

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