Chest Roost motocross Leatt 4.5 pro

VAT included

Chest Roost motocross Leatt 4.5 Pro


Chest roost motocross Leatt 4.5 Pro with shoulder brace

Motocross roost for chest, chest and shoulders with 3D AirFit anti-impact soft foam inserts, high ventilation and CE certification

This motocross chest roost has been tested and has CE certification, it also combines protection with rigid coating and 3DF AirFit impact foam. The anti-impact foam is flexible to ensure a comfortable fit, but immediately hardens upon impact to absorb energy in the event of an accident. For greater protection from impacts or debris, the hard-coated areas are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). The product offers protection of the chest, back, shoulders and hips and has obtained a total of 17 points on the Leatt protection system. The 3D design with multiple plates and layers offers a comfortable fit and the Leatt neck brace fits perfectly with this protection system. In addition, the ventilation slots ensure maximum air circulation. For a higher level of protection, the ideal is the 5.5 Pro HD chest protection system, which scored 20 points.

Main features

  • Total Leatt® score of 17 points
  • Soft and ventilated 3DF AirFit anti-impact foam
  • CE test and certification for impact protection

Ce Certification Type Chest EN1621-3 Level 2

Ce Certification Type Back EN1621-2 Level 2

Ce Certification Type Shoulder EN1621-1


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