Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 black
Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 black
Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 black
Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 black

Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 black


Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 black




Chest Roost motocross Leatt 3.5 Ultra ventilated with 3DGAirFit soft foam inserts

Motocross roost for chest, chest and shoulders, ventilated with 3D AirFit anti-impact soft foam inserts and CE certification 

The chest roost motocross Leatt 3.5 with rigid 3D coating offers a comfortable fit, worn both under and over the shirt. Adjustable waist straps ensure a snug fit so that the protection system stays in place.

Designed to be worn with a neck brace, it has some areas falling in the front and back to integrate better with all Leatt neck braces.

With 7 points on the Leatt protection classification system, the product is tested and has the CE certification for the best protection. GPX 3.5 also features 3DG AirFit soft foam inserts to ensure constant lightness and comfort for the rider. The Leatt bib has ventilation holes that ensure maximum ventilation and freshness during the race.

Main features

  • Total Leatt® score of 7 points
  • CE test and certification for impact protection
  • Rigid inserts in 3DG AirFit soft foam

Ce Certification Type Chest EN1621-3 Level 1

Ce Certification Type Back EN1621-2 Level 1

Chest/Roost Protections

Leatt Motocross Clothing and MTB

Leatt | Motocross neck brace, motocross knee pads 

Leatt develops high-performance products for extreme sports athletes who always live to the limit. Motocross protectors are designed by biomedical doctors and engineers and offer safety and comfort at the highest levels. The Leatt brand is very renowned and award-winning among the best in the industry. Leatt motocross neck brace are at the top of sales for reliability.

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