Hour meter Nrteam wireless green

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Hour meter Nrteam wireless green


Nrteam hour meter wireless green


Thanks to the internal accelerometer, the NRTeam hour meter is able to operate without connection to the motorcycle. Using the supplied 3M adhesive, the hour meter is applied in a few seconds, saving the installer a lot of time. By reading the vibrations of the frame on which it is applied, the hour meter detects the operation of the engine distinguishing the random vibrations from those characteristic of the engine started. A convenient setting function allows you to decide the sensitivity of the vibrations detected. The device is completely waterproof (IP68) and is designed to work even in the most extreme applications such as off road. The hour meter has two timers: total non-resettable and partial resettable. The integrated lithium battery guarantees operation for three years without any maintenance. The hour counter also has practical holes for possible safety ties.


- Total hours counter up to 999.9 hours (non resettable) and partial hours counter (resettable)

- Applies without connection cable thanks to the supplied 3M adhesive

- IP68 plastic structure (waterproof) with dimensions 68x33 mm

- Operation 3 years with built-in battery


NRTeam hour meters are produced and tested to meet the most extreme needs.

The range consists of wire hour meters which guarantee greater reliability in the face of greater assembly complexity and wireless hour meters which allow assembly in 5 seconds without the need for any tools.

The range of wire hour meters consists of an economic hour meter that simply measures the hours of use and more complete instrumentation that allows you to also read the engine rotation speed and is therefore a useful support during maintenance and / or commissioning to point.


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