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During a motocross exit, a rider's ankles are subject to strain, vibration, not to mention the collisions in the event of a fall. A motocross boot must provide the centaur with excellent protection against the feet and ankles, without compromising their mobility. The first riders off road wearing leather boots, the latter have evolved in the off-road, so as to have the need to differentiate themselves from the classic ones. This is because off-road driving requires very different and particular protection criteria compared to speed. Some models offer extra ankle protection, but at the same time they lose flexibility and comfort. To cushion the hardest blows, the most modern products have reinforcements and padding in the most sensitive areas of ankle and foot. The design is designed to better distribute the weight on the feet (through ergonomic orthotics), to encourage the natural flexion of the joints (and avoid serious twisting of the ankle) and to provide riders with optimal grip with the bike. For several years now, cross-country boots with inner shoes have been taking hold on the market, comfortable to clean internally but above all more reliable for the integrity of the ankles, thanks to their solid and stable structure. The safest boots for your feet have external steel reinforcements, for example on the toe. This makes them at the same time also a bit heavier, but certainly more robust than those with plastic reinforcements. The same applies to the buckles: keeping boots tight and sealed is not something to be underestimated and in this case aluminum is preferable to plastic.

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