Happy New Year

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We started two years ago after a dramatic work experience. We looked at each other and said "Ok let's do it!". Years of work and experience in the motorcycle sector, from activities on the track during major sporting competitions to working closely with the main actors of our passions ..... and there Motocross-Soul was born. The past year has certainly affected all of us, radically changing our habits and our attitudes. The bike and in particular the cross bike, however, has a component of joy and passion within it that is difficult to overwhelm. During the first periods of closure of 2020 we decided to insert a new section dedicated to the world of mountain biking, with particular attention to the discipline of Downhill, and now at the beginning of this new year we present ourselves to you with a changed graphic aspect, but faithful to our vision and with this little blog that we hope will help you in choosing the best products to practice your sports.

Thanks and "In Mud We Trust"

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