Motocross Soul

Ph. Mariella Pollo (la mamma)

"I never heard the vocation ... Rather, they always looked for me.

At three years the bike is a beautiful game. The helmet is immense and certainly magical.
It's dad's bike.

At 14 he is freedom. Give up the campaign and go to life.
It's my old scooterone.

At 16, she is the first big lie. A muffler burned off for a meeting with the jellyfish to save me from a scolding.
It is the motion of the sea of Sestri Levante.

At 20 she is a love story, sharing this passion with those who are in her blood. The weekends in Misano or Mugello, the pilgrimages to Borgo Panigale, the days spent up and down the hills to take pictures of the perfect crease to be measured with the CAD at home in the evening.
It's my boyfriend's bike.

At 26 it's work, they hire me in a communication agency that deals almost exclusively with the automotive sector. I start to see the bikes behind the scenes, to know the details, here I develop the first e-commerce, the first communication campaigns.
They are the WSBK bikes.

A 34 is the future. Mine. After all the adventures we had with the two wheels, I decided to share my interpretation with you, to gather in this site and in the social pages my experience, my way of living this passion.
It's my bike. "

This is me, this is Motocross Soul.

A normal girl who by now does not walk without being accompanied by two wheels, irreplaceable collaborators without whom this would never have been realized. A project of work and a lifestyle.


In this path the Brands that accompany me are: 100%, Bell Helmets, Forma Boots, Nolan, X-Lite, Troy Lee Design, Leatt and soon others!

In the meantime, you can contact us and talk to me and my team in all these ways:

Telephone / WhatsApp: +39 328 3134338


Good ROAD and good navigation!



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