Chest/Roost Protections Motocross

Motocross chest protection and Motocross roost protection

The protective motocross chest/roost is an essential accessory, perhaps the most used in the world, to protect the motorcyclist's bust from falls and flying stones during racing.

Which types exist?

The simple ;

The full or complete ;

A simple chest/roost is a simple plastic "shell" that protects the rider's chest and back. This type of harness can be worn underneath or above the cross suit, has ventilation holes to allow breathability and fabric straps for adjustment.

A very light and comfortable accessory, perfect to integrate with the protections for the neck and for the upper limbs. The full  is already designed to protect the rider's bust, hips and shoulders. A step towards greater driver safety, to the detriment perhaps of a slightly more sacrificed fit.

Also this product is designed to be integrated with the neck protection (neck brace), to be adjusted with comfortable straps and to promote the transpiration of the body through appropriate holes.

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